My Vision:

To help the world live stronger, safer, healthier, and more fulfilled.

My Mission:

To lead by example of moral compassion, capacity for violence, and respect for myself and others.

My Goals:

  • Maintain counseling practice to learn about myself and others.
  • Participate in training unfamiliar martial styles (Krav Maga, FMA, Firearms, Knives).
  • Maintain physical fitness and nutritional soundness.
  • Obtain training in reality-based self-defense including instruction of said training.

What’s In a Name?

As the name of this website (and many of my social media handles), savagezen, implies, I consider myself a member of the tribe of warrior poets who hold a space in their heart and mind for both wise, gratious, loving-kindness and preparedness for violent chaos. Humans have a brilliant capacity for both insidious horror and breath-taking wonder. Life and living are about adaptation not sustained equilibrium or the perception of “balance.”

Who Am I?

Name: Austin
Race: Human
Birthplace: Earth
Religion: Love
Politics: Freedom
Credentials: Licensed Professional Counselor, BJJ Brown Belt, Certified Nutrition Coach (PN1)
Competition History: BJJ, Boxing, MMA, Rock Cilmbing
Interests: Traditional climbing, bouldering, regenerative agriculture, working dogs, open source software, cryptocurrency